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Looking to enhance your sales strategy? Need to gain maximum yield on your management rights offer? Let Comfu provide you the solution that gets results. Our furniture packages are brand driven, commercial grade quality and inspire investors to believe in your product offer. Our goal is simple, we help you win business and gain ourselves a new client. Our services are much more than simply the supply of our bespoke packages. With 3D visualization, photography and professional video production, we work with you to show off your development in the best possible light.

Services We Deliver:

*Bespoke Interior Design

*Full FF&E Quality Manufacturing

* Professional Marketing Brochures

* 3D Visualization

* Video & Photography Solution

* Full Onsite Installation

* Electrical Items

* Kitchen and Cleaning Packages

* Construction BSA Compliance

* Australia Wide Service

We determine the interior style, layout and inventories based around a set budget, then we go to work designing material that you can use in your sales campaign. If we plan this approach earlier enough, it can pay dividends and helps us understand your project in more detail and be well placed when the time comes to deliver your project on time and budget

You can fill out one of our forms online or give us a call to arrange an introduction so we can learn about your project and consider the best approach. 

Why Choose Us

Commercial grade furnishings, fittings and equipment

The manufacture, quality control, and low cost is what stands us apart

Interior Design tailored for your brands success

It all begins when we ask you why you are undertaking your project

Flexible solutions and project management

Clear focus, tight communication and ready for each project challenges


Your FF&E Procurement Partner

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